Pakistan Engineering Congress
Membership (Download Membership Form)
  1. Pakistan Engineering Congress is the most prestigious and the oldest body of professional engineers of sub-continent and was established in 1912 (Registered under societies act in 1922). It is basically a purely Engineering Organization with no political bias. It is a charitable organization dedicated for promotion of Science, Profession and Practice of Engineering. Its funds cannot be disbursed to any member of the Executive               Council /Members of the Congress (and all of them work on honorary basis) except as scholarship, honoraria to deserving students through Engineering Universities / Institutions.

  2. The Congress shall consist of:
  3. Members.
  1. Life Members
  1. Honorary Members and
  1. Honorary Life Members.

Clause 2 of Articles of Constitution.


3.1 To be eligible for membership of the Congress a person shall have passed a degree examination in engineering or equivalent academic qualifications as laid down by Pakistan Engineering Council or shall have attained such standing in engineering, science or architecture and/or other allied sciences so as to qualify him, in the opinion of the Executive Council, for the distinction of membership.
3.2  The President of Pakistan and the other high dignitaries whose appointment brings them in close relationship with engineering for the period of their tenure of office, may, with their prior consent, be elected Honorary Members of Congress as prescribed by the Bye - Laws
3.3  Honorary Life Members may be selected as prescribed in the Bye-Laws on account of their eminence in engineering of their special services rendered in the interest of the Congress

Clause 3 of Articles of Constitution


4.1       The entrance fee for membership of the Congress shall be Rs. One Hundred
4.2     Every member shall pay annual subscription of Rs. One Hundred.
4.3      Any member who has not paid his annual subscription shall not be entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting nor receive any publication of the Congress
4.4      Any member whose annual subscription is more than three years in arrears may be removedfrom the register of members of the Congress.
4.5      Such defaulting member may be readmitted on payment of arrears subject to a minimum of 3 years dues. He may also be supplied the copies of Proceedings for the last three years, provided such copies are available.
4.6    Honorary Members, Life Members and Honorary Life Members shall not be required to pay the annual subscription.

4.7    Members who have paid annual subscriptions for a minimum period of 25 years shall after that period be exempted from payment of further subscriptions or after attaining age of 60 years whichever is later, and that years of default in payment may not count towards the period qualifying for exemption, without retrospective effect for a refund. Such exempted members will become Life Members.
4.8     Any Member may become a Life Member by making a single compounded payment as laid down in the Bye-Laws.

Clause 4 of Articles of Constitution

5.                                            ADMISSION, RESIGNATION AND EXPULSION
5.1       Applicants shall be admitted to membership of the Congress only by a majority vote of the Executive Council.
5.2       In case of an Honorary Member and an Honorary Life Member, they shall be deemed elected provided 3/4th of the Executive Council Members support the proposal.
5.3       Any member of the Congress other than an Honorary Member and Honorary Life Members, who, in the opinion of the Executive Council has been guilty of such violation of the Code of Ethics that renders him unfit to continue to belong to the Congress, shall be expelled by vote of the Council/ The affirmative votes of not less than 3/4th of the entire Council shall be required for expulsion. The member whose expulsion is being considered shall be notified by the Secretary and shall be advised of the charges against him. If he so desires, he may submit a defence either in person or in writing, which shall be considered by the Executive Council as part of the expulsion procedure.
5.4       Any member of the Congress may resign his membership by a written communication to the Secretary. Acceptance of any resignation shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Council.
Clause 5 of Articles of Constitutions

6.                                             ABBREVIATED TITLES
6.1     Members shall be entitled to the exclusive use after their names of the following abbreviated forms showing the membership.

Members                                             M.E.C(Pak)         
Honorary members                           Hony M.E.C. (Pak)



Honorary Members and Honorary Life Members

1.0         Any person desirous of becoming a Member of the Congress shall send to the Secretary the application form prescribed by the Council (Appendix-B) duly completed and introduced by two Members. The Secretary shall pass on all the applications as and when received to the standing Membership Committee, specially constituted for this purpose by the Council, for scrutiny and report on the suitability of the applicants in the light of Article-3 of the Constitution. The Council alter considering the report of the Membership Committee may elect an applicant as a Member. The election will be on the basis of simple majority if a unanimous decision is not achieved. After election by the Executive Council the Secretary shall ask the Member-elect to deposit his entrance fee Rs. 100/- first annual subscription, Rs. 100/- and membership certificate fee Rs, 20/- with the Treasurer. The regular membership shall be effective from the date when the Treasurer acknowledges the receipt of the above mentioned dues. The Treasurer will furnish each new Member with a copy of the Memorandum of Association, Articles and Bye-Laws of the Congress.
Clause 1 of Bye Laws

The fee for admission to Membership of the Congress will be Rs. 220.00 (Rupees Two hundreds and twenty only) as given below:-

  1. Admission Fee                                           Rs. 100.00       One time payable
  2. Cost of Membership Certificate                Rs. 20.00


  1. Annual Subscription                                  Rs. 100.00

The fee (alongwith prescribed application form duly filled-in ) may be deposited in cash or through a pay order in the name of “Pakistan Engineering Congress” payable at Lahore. (Out-station cheques are not accepted).

2.0          On receipt of a proposal form signed by ten members, the Council may elect and duly qualified person to be an Honorary Member or as Honorary Life Member in accordance with Article 5.2 of the Constitution. Article 5.2 requires supporting of the proposal by 3/4th of the Executive Council Members who are not likely to assemble in any such meeting. In order to overcome this difficulty postal ballots shall be issued to the absentee Members with a request for reply within three weeks of the issue of the ballot paper. The treasurer will furnish each Hony. Member, or Hony. Life Member with a copy of Memorandum of Association. Articles and Bye-Laws of the Congress.